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Ottawa, ON

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Scotiabank Place
Ottawa, Ontario
Billy Idol / Def Leppard Concert (Live: Music)
Section: 303 Row: N Seat: 5

Billy Idol and Def Leppard

Overall Rating: Best ever
Food was: N/A and N/A
Drinks were: Dismal
Crowd was: Standing room only and Enthusiastic

Fan review

This was the best concert event of the summer, I was a little disapointed originally when REO Speedwagon was cancelled and replaced by Billy Idol, But he actully made this show.

8.9.08 (5598 views)


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Images on this page: Pretty llights. People rocking out to DL. Cool Def Leppard lighty uppy thing. Billy Idol on starge with shiny sign behind him View looking right<br>Section: 303 Row: N Seat: 5 View looking ahead<br>Section: 303 Row: N Seat: 5 View looking left<br>Section: 303 Row: N Seat: 5 95 1 2

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